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Adventure of Climbing Mountain Bromo

A number of weeks before, we spent our anniversary, hiking the famous Mount Bromo in Java, Indonesia. Prior to this, we did our research and considered working with a tour company to do an Adventure Evaluation. After much thought, we decided to only do it ourself without a tour. Why? Mainly because we heard that the spot where all the tour teams take you is swarmed with tourists. We didn’t want to share the view with 100 odd tourists all awaiting their turn to take a photo. No, thank you!
Therefore, with a little assistance from other blogs and from getting advice from sailors, we got a map and followed it until we reached the point of view which gave us views of the spectacular sunrise over Climbing Mountain Bromo. We climbed that point double, as we did it for sunset and sunrise the following day. The hike there was beautiful both during the night and throughout the day! So without further ado, here is how you can go through the sunrise at Mount Bromo without a tour.

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Catch a bus to Cemoro Lawang. Many men and women choose to stay in Probolinggo or other towns larger, but we actually loved Cemoro Lawang. Stunning scenery, chilly weather (that was a nice break), and really friendly locals. The bus should only cost from 25,000-30,000 rupiah.Hike to Mt. Bromo viewpoint
When the bus stops, insist on them taking you to the maximum guesthouse. The motorist will stop at some homestays and will state that further upward are only hotels. He typically has a commission with those areas. Don’t get down but wait till he brings you to the very top.
In addition, someone will attempt to sell you a park fee while you’re on the bus. They’ve printed “ticket receipts” and what. That’s a fraud! Stand your ground and inform them that you’ll just purchase them afterwards. Official park entrace fees can be purchased later on. Prices vary and weekends tend to be bromo
After settling into your guesthouse, make plans for your sunrise rendezvous. Initial thing is going to Café Lava guesthouse and getting a copy of their map. Though it isn’t the best, you will clearly see where to proceed. Their team will gladly inform you how to go to the point of view by foot.
In the map, you’ll reach a junction on the road and rather than going left, take the road to the right. Follow this road to the very top and you’ll see a series of 3 viewpoints.Mt. Bromo sunrise
Personally, we stopped at the (initial ) stage of view with a bamboo railing. We had a bench to sit on, and was with a total of 4 other individuals as we watched the spectacular sunrise. Such a treat! The view in all 3 are relatively the same except naturally, there are far more tourists on the greater view factors.