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The Best Advice About Writing I’ve Ever Written

The Best Way to Format Your Book

The best way to format a book is to start formatting once your start writing it or format it as you write it. When you do it this way, you will then have an idea of how many pages you have already written and how many words that you will have to write in each chapter. It should be laid out professionally. If you want a book that is well formatted, then follow the tips that are given below.

The dimensions or the size of your book is the first decision you have to make. Page length and width is determined beforehand. The number of pages that you have written will determine how thick your book will be.

Make sure to decide on a size that is popular. If you follow the most common size, then you have to make it 6×9 inches but you can also decide otherwise. If you book has around a hundred pages, then this is the ideal book size.

You can immediately set your page size to 6×9 inches by using your page setup facility in your writing document.

Then select options to use mirror margins. The ideal margins for the top and bottom are .75 inches. Set your inside and outside margins to 0.5 inches. The size of the gutter should be set to 0.35 inches.

If you are deciding on a font and a font size, make sure to use Garamond 11 font and font size. For sub-headings, you can use a slightly larger font in bold so that it will stand out. Garamond 24 is the ideal font and font size for your chapter headings because these are much larger fonts.

The first paragraph of each chapter should use a large dropped capital for the first letter. This adds a bit of professionalism to your finished layout. Indent the first line to 1 inch in the paragraphs that proceed the first one.

Place the new chapter title hallway down the page is you are starting a new one. With this style, the chapter title will stand out and you readers will easily know that they have started a new chapter.

Pages of your book can easily be filled out if you use the tips given above. Formatting your book as you write, you will easily see your progress from start to finish. It also avoids the tedious task of formatting the book once it has been written.

These tips of how to format your book is very useful to book writers and will make a long process into a shorter one, and soon after you can have your book published.

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